Welcome to the world of FlexiShapes!

The World of Flexishapes is You!

The world of Flexishapes begins with you. What makes the Flexishapes such a unique game? Because the options are endless.  Just like a painter uses a canvas, you have the Flexishapes. The Flexishapes is your canvas for transforming an infinite amount of ideas and imagination into actual shapes. Whether it is your favorite animal, famous building, or an abstract shape to reflect your state of being, there is nothing you cannot accomplish with the Flexishapes.

What is the Flexishapes Made Of

The Flexishapes is made from rubberwood! By using rubberwood, we can create a high quality and durable game that is also conscientious to the ecosystem. By using rubber wood, we are using recycled materials by using wood that would otherwise be discarded as it could not be used by the rubber industry.